Invisible Character:

Invisible character: as the name itself showing that invisible character, We can also say these different ways. for exampleblank space,hidden text,invisible space text,empty character,invisible letter,andwhitespace character. Some people call it magic/joke text. It is mostly used to joke around with friends. Because it is cool to see and the person in front is surprised that how he has done it, we are not able to do it.

Empty space is a kind of space but it is in Unicode, so we can send it as black blank space but we cannot send completely normal space.

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Copy Invisible Text From Here:

Test Here:

The Invisible Character That You Have Copied Can Be Checked Here.

Unicode Invisible Characters

Here Are the list of ASCII Unicode blank Characters

Unicode HTML Code Name Example
U+0020   Space (SP) char char
U+00A0   No-Break Space char char
U+1680   Ogham Space Mark charchar
U+180E ᠎ Mongolian Vowel Separator charchar
U+2000   En Quad char char
U+2001   Em Quad charchar
U+2002   En Space charchar
U+2003   Em Space charchar
U+2004   Three-Per-Em Space charchar
U+2005   Four-Per-Em Space char char
U+2006   Six-Per-Em Space charchar
U+2007   Figure Space charchar
U+2008   Punctuation Space charchar
U+2009   Thin Space charchar
U+200A   Hair Space charchar
U+200B ​ Zero Width Space charchar
U+202F   Narrow No-Break Space charchar
U+205F   Medium Mathematical Space charchar
U+3000   Ideographic Space char char
U+FEFF  Zero Width No-Break Space charchar

How to send blank character in whatsapp

We Are Providing A Video Example For You To Send Blank Text/invisible Character On Whatsapp. You Can Watch Video Below.

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